The wizard is a character that possesses magical abilities. He is the owner of Pancake.

Role Edit

Wizard often offers you to try some of his magic. This can lead to wealth and happiness or death and the loss of coins. He is also one of the people who can help Chester be cured of his curse, in exchange for a fee of 40 coins.

If you keep denying his services, you can trigger an offer from Royal Advisor who asks if you would like her to banish him, resulting in a negative end of day event.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"I was just passing through and thought you might like some magic. Anything could happen! Care to give it a try?" Random result:
  • +100 Gold, +20 People, +5 Happiness
  • +200 Gold
  • -10 People, -15 Happiness
Nothing Repeatable
"Have you seen my magical cat, Pancake?" +2 Happiness -2 Happiness Unique
"Ohoho! I heard you need some help breaking a curse. I could lend my assistance, for a small fee..." -40 Gold+3 Happiness -3 Happiness Unique