The Witch is a citizen and folk hero of your kingdom. She can help cure Chester of his curse.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"I've got a friend from witch school looking to move to town. Could I get a couple gold to help her move in?" +1 People

+3 Happiness

-3 Gold

+1 People

-4 Happiness

"My friend from witch school wanted to thank you for your help, so we made you some magical cookies!" N/A N/A +6 Happiness

Requires Y to helping friend move in

"My broom's all worn out, and it's my birthday..."

"Think you could buy me a new broom for a present? Sure would be nice of you!"

+3 Happiness

-50 Gold

"The spirits are appeased right now, but perhaps we should grant them an offering of gold." ... "What do you say? Two hundred gold would make a decent offering." -200 Gold. Decreases chance of upset spirits. Increases chance of happy spirits (a positive event). Nothing. Increases chance of upset spirits (a recurring negative event that triggers another Witch interaction). Repeatable
"There's a buncha goblins in the lower quarter. I'll slay 'em for a few gold coins if you want." +4 Happiness

-10 Gold

May trigger an event like Folk Hero or Goblin Bounty

-4 Happiness Repeatable
"Looking for coin? I could cast some dark magic to summon some gold, but it might cost a soul or two..." -2 People

+200 Gold

Nothing Depends on debt