Winston is a large sentient green ball of slime. He is often picked on and likes to keep his house dirty.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hey uhhhhh, it's sliiiiiime day... Got a preeeesent for meeeee?" -5 Gold

+2 Happiness

-1 Happiness Repeatable
"Hey uhhhh, somebody came by and cleeeeeaned up my hooooome. You gonna pay me baaaack for that?" -10 Gold -5 Happiness Unique
"Hey uhhhh, you think you could tell people to stoooop callin' me "slimeball"? It's hurtin' my feeeeelings..." +3 Happiness -3 Happiness? Unique
"Hey uhhhh, I think there's something going oooooon in the seeeeeeeewers..."

"I've been hearing some weird soooooooounds... I could go investigate if you waaaaant..."

-50 Gold Nothing Unique
"I found some monsters in the seeeeewers... I cleaned them up with my gooooooooop..."

"Nooooooothing to wooooorry about anymoooooore..."

+1 Happiness - 1-5 Happiness Appears when saying "yes" to investigating the sewers.