The Sultan is the ruler of an unknown sultanate. He has several caravans who can stay in your city. This will gain you some extra money at the end of the day.

Appearance Edit

The Sultan is dressed like a rich Middle Eastern man, with large gold chains and a plumed turban. He has a small, yellow bird on his turban.

Role Edit

The Sultan will offer to make you a deal, almost always an economical one. He will return later with more detail on the deal. He later proposes to sell a shipment of luxury goods to you for 200 coins, The luxury goods give you plus 25 happiness. Another deal is that he gives you 200 coins and you give him luxury goods. These deals strengthen your bond with him. The Sultan's final deal is to buy the cog for 1000 coins.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Aha, that cog you have there... I wish to purchase it! Why? I have my reasons, good King!"

"Might I offer a sum of, say, one thousand gold coins?"

+1000 Gold

Give up the cog

Nothing Depends on receiving a cog from L-D_3.4
"I've got a buisiness proposition for you and your tiny little town. Are you interested?" Returns with a business proposition interaction. Nothing Repeatable
PROPOSITION: "A caravan of mine wishes to camp in your city for the next few days. Might that be arranged?" +10 People,

Triggers caravan event.

Nothing Repeatable
An Offer For You Friend. I would like to purchase luxury goods from you for a fair price. +300 Gold

-15 Happiness

An Offer For You Friend. I would like to sell you luxury goods for a fair price. - 300 gold

+ 25 happiness

"Would you like to open a trade deal between our cities?..." + gold Repeatable