Stumpy is a tree from the western forest who has been cut down by your kingdom's workers. He comes to the court seeking recompense.

Interactions Edit

Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hello, King. I am a tree, of the western forest. As you can see, however, I have been, shall we say... shortened." ...

"A paltry sum of ohh, say... one thousand coins would go a long ways towards relaxing our troubled relationship."

-1000 Gold

Stumpy returns to lecture your masons later.

-3 Happiness

Causes Stolen Lumber

First interaction with Stumpy.


"I have returned, and not without cause! Prepare yourself for a protest of unimaginable proportions!" ...

"What say you? Will you first at least admit to your countrymen's wrongdoing?"

+2 Happiness -2 Happiness

Causes Forest Posters

Depends on N to the first reaction.