Sneaky Girl is a thief that occasionally asks for permission to steal. Also a possible hero candidate for the dragon slaying quest.
Spoiler: Dragon Quest

If you give her the Dragonblade, she will return with 250 gold and 25 happiness. You can also give it to the knight for 500 Gold


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"The guards confiscated some gold that I, uh... found... Can I have it back?" -25 Gold +25 Gold Repeatable
"Want me to steal from the rich and give to... you? Not just from the rich, I'll steal from whoever, basically." -5 happiness +50 gold Nothing Repeatable
"Can I have the key to the uptown district?" +3 Happiness Nothing Gives a later -2 and then another +3 to happiness
"Hey, you helped me out before. I brought you something, just don't ask where it came from. Will you accept my gift?" +25 Gold Nothing Repeatable
“We’re pals, right? Think you could find a home for my friend? He’s… between places right now, you could say…" +1 People -1 Happiness

Dragonblade interaction leads to a request to wield the blade, but gives -1 Happiness if rejected.