Skelly is a living skeleton, that acts as a detective of sorts. He tells jokes and points out odd things.

Appearance Edit

Skelly is a gray colored skeleton with yellow eyes in his eye sockets. Unlike a regular human skeleton, Skelly has 8 ribs instead of 12 and has one bone in his forearm, unlike humans, who have 2, the radius and the ulna. He also seems to lack several bones on his shoulder and multiple vertebrae in his spine.

Role Edit

Skelly acts as a detective, as he goes out to investigate certain things. His partner is Molder and together they search for Alien.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Do you find me humerus?" +2 Happiness Nothing Unique
"You've got a skeleton of your own, you know. Don't you find it weird that you can't see it?" Nothing Nothing Unique
"Some of the villagers mentioned they saw an alien walking around. You know anything about this?" Effects future interactions somehow. Alien gives you 20 gold. Unique
"Any mysteries afoot? I can do some snooping for a small fee if you're interested..." -10 Gold. Leaves for now. Random REPORT interaction later. Nothing Repeatable
REPORT: "Reporting in! I figured out a mysterious new way to make gold. Want to know how?" +50 Gold +25 Gold Potential snooping result.
REPORT: "Reporting in! I discovered an underground crime ring in the city's eastern ward."


"Could I have a bit of extra gold to bring in the guard and make some additional arrests?"

+3 Happiness

-40 Gold

Nothing Potential snooping result.
REPORT: "Reporting in! I found a way to summon people from another dimension. Want me to summon some folks?" +20 People Nothing Potential snooping result.
REPORT: "Reporting in! I solved the mystery about who stole Mrs. Pumpkin's baking pan. Want me to turn him in?" -1 People

+3 Happiness

Potential snooping result.
REPORT: "Reporting in! I managed to catch the necromancer behind a recent string of possessions." ... N/A N/A +2 Happiness.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears that Skelly and Molder are references to Scully and Mulder from the X-files.
  • Skelly finds it weird that humans have a skeleton, but no one can see it.
  • It is unknown if Skelly was once a human.