Sir Tortuga is a character that seems to appear later on into the game. This character seems nervous when talking to the King/Queen, shown by the constant use of "uh" or "um“, yet he is still eager to help them whenever he can.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Madam! The Shellknights have completed their patrol around the castle gardens, picking up litter. I'm pleased to say the gardens are looking spotless!" N/A N/A Repeatable
[something to do with introducing himself, says he does good]

"Is there anything, um, you might need assistance with, here, sir (or madam)?"

N/A N/A Unique (?)
"Madam! The Shellknights have finished a batch of our famous cookies!"

"Please, um, partake! My knights will distribute the rest to your courtiers."

N/A N/A Repeatable
"Um, madam! The Shellknights have finished polishing every statue in the castle to the maximum level of glorious shine!

Are... Are you pleased? We can continue to clean, and, um... maybe bake some snacks, if you wish..."

+1 Happiness N/A Repeatable