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The scientist has many ideas about new technologies that can help your kingdom. However, he requests large quantities of funding, and some of his breakthroughs may have some... unintended consequences. He is, in fact, 2 kids in a trench coat.


The scientist has light skin, green eyes and blonde hair. He wears a white lab coat, jeans, brown shoes and a pair of glasses.


Gold-generating Machine[]

The scientists have developed a theory for a machine that can regularly generate gold. They will request multiple contributions of gold and workers. Their research will cause some pollution.

When it is completed it generates 20 gold at the end of each day or two, and has a chance to generate a "golden statue" which adds additional 60 gold or a "large quantity of money" which adds 150 gold. You may receive multiple payments.

Music system[]

The scientists have an idea to install a city-wide speaker system to cheer up the populace! Will the population enjoy the music as much as the scientists expect? No. In fact, The Kingdom starts a Petition against it.

It costs 100 gold for construction on the music system to begin. Once construction is completed, it will give negative happiness at the end of each day until Grandma starts a petition against it.


The scientists occasionally have new ideas for potions, and need to request test subjects. These potions can have inconsistent results.


The scientist will have a brilliant idea on a secret project when he notices the cog the King receives as a parting gift from L-D 3.4 for helping repair him.

During the construction of L.A.P.I.N, scrap metal will occasionally disappear from worksites and bunnies will disappear from peoples homes.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hello, hello! I am, well, I am the Scientist! I do science, for you, King!" ... N/A N/A The first interaction with Scientist


"Hello, hello! The Council of Science has devised a blueprint for a gold-generating machine!" ...

"Perhaps you might initiate this project with a small research grant of five hundred gold?"

-500 Gold

Enables gold-generator (GG) interactions (negative happiness)

Repeatable until Y

The Gold Generator takes several days and interactions to complete but once built will give +1 happiness, and begin producing a steady income; on most days it will produce a small pouch of 20 gold, on some days will produce a statue worth an additional 60 gold, and will rarely produce a large quantity worth an additional 150 gold, for a total of up to 230 gold.

"Hello, hello! The Council of Science has developed a new potion in need of testing.

"May we have permission to conduct a test with a willing participant?"

Enables a RESULT interaction later with news of the potion's effect.

"Very good, yes, yes! I will report back to you with news of the potion's effects!"

Nothing Repeatable

"We seem to have invented a potion that magically styles the drinker's hair. We'll sell the formula for a good price!"

N/A N/A +30 Gold



"The potion test was a great success! We've imbued one lucky citizen with the power of super strength!"

N/A N/A +5 Happiness

A thief will steal 100 gold from your treasury.


"Our potion has resulted in a bit of good fortune! Well, in a way, that is..."
"You see, the test subject turned to gold upon drinking it."
"A moral failure indeed, but a financial success at the least."

N/A N/A +50 Gold

-1 People



"I've conducted a test of our latest experimental potion, and I'm afraid the results weren't so good."
"There was a bit of an explosion. My people will clean things up though, don't worry!"

N/A N/A -3 People

"The potion we were testing seems to have the ability to turn people purple. I'm not sure how this could be of use, but it is certainly entertaining to look at!"

N/A N/A +3 Happiness


L.A.P.I.N. 1:

If you have the COG: Inquires about taking the Cog, offers nothing.

Starts the process to creating the L.A.P.I.N. Nothing Unique
L.A.P.I.N. 2:

"Project L.A.P.I.N. continues, good King/Queen! But, we've come across a bit of a snag."
"Might we have a few hundred gold to help redouble our scientific efforts?"

-300 gold

"Ah, thank you, Queen. You will not regret your investment, I promise you that!"

L.A.P.I.N. 3:

"At long last, we have done it! Project L.A.P.I.N. is completed. I thank you for trusting me, King/Queen."
"Now, allow me to introduce you to the Council of Science's latest creation..."
(L.A.P.I.N. appears and speaks to you)
"So, you've had a chance to meet. What do you think, are you impressed? Yes, yes?

"Yes, of course! L.A.P.I.N. will do much to serve our kingdom. Just you wait, I am certain you will be pleased." L.A.P.I.N. appears


Something about the petition to remove the music system.

"What do you think? Do you support the petition? Should we remove the speakers?"

Nothing Nothing Unlocks after you said "yes" to installing the music system and the interaction with Grandma about a petition.