The city's not what it used to be. There were once over 250 people living here! Think things will ever be like that again?
-Royal Advisor

The Royal Advisor is the first person you encounter in Sort the Court. She asks you what to do, and, based on your response, replies.

She also mentions important events like if you have reached 500 population.

If you decide to not join the council of Royals, at some point she will ask you on out on a date with her and will eventually ask if you would be her boyfriend/girlfriend as part of the workplace romance ending. This can be achieved as both a King and a Queen.

Appearance Edit

She has light skin with blonde hair worn in a top bun and green eyes. She wears a pink dress and crinoline with yellow stripes and light colored pieces of cloth sticking out of her sleeves, neck, and bottom. She also wears pink shoes.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"My lord/lady, I'll help you rule your kingdom, but you have to make the tough choices. Just say yes or no, understand?" Nothing Nothing Very first (tutorial) interaction! Unique
"Sir, the city's population is growing steadily. Our records of citizenship indicate that 250 people now call the city home." Nothing Nothing +100 Gold

250 population milestone,


"I've got news for you, sir. The city's population has reached 500!"...

"Anyway, I just wanted to give my congradulations. Let's keep working hard, okay?"

Nothing Nothing +150 Gold

500 population milestone

"Big news! Our population has reached 1000!" Nothing Nothing +200 Gold

1000 Population milestone

"Builders wish to construct more houses in the town. They request gold, with which they could build much faster!" -100 Gold

+7 People, Unlocks "strange creatures" interaction?

+3 People Unique
"Some very strange creatures wish to move into the houses we built. Should we allow it?" +4 People

+4 Happiness

"Some families have moved into the new houses we built. Should we send them a welcome basket?" +6 People

+3 Happiness

-20 Gold

"Villagers are complaining about garbage in the streets. Shall we hire workers to clean it up?" -50 Gold

+2 Happiness

-1 Happiness Unique
"My lord, a man wishes to settle a dispute. He says he is way cool, but his friend says he is not. Do you think he is cool?" +1 Happiness Nothing? Unique
"There's a very stinky kid running around the streets. Should we force her to have a bath?" -1 Happiness +1 Happiness Unique
"Citizens say a monkey has been running around flinging... stuff... at them. Should we put out a bounty on it?" +1 Happiness

-30 Gold

-2 Happiness Unique
"Fires have been breaking our frequently on Cabbage Street." ...

"Shall we install a well to make water more accessible there?"

+5 Happiness

-150 Gold

-3 Happiness

-3 People

"The prison is in need of repairs. Might there be room in the budget to devote a few hundred gold to it?" -250 Gold -10 Happiness Unique
"There's a petition going around to open our borders to the neighbouring town. What do you say?" +30 People

+10 Happiness

+50 Gold

Unique, triggers next border event.
"Since we opened our borders, travellers from all around are joining our city. Doesn't that just warm your heart?" +5 Gold+4 People

+2 Happiness

"The people have started a petition to ban pineapples in the city. Should we do it?" +3 Happiness

-10 Gold

Unlocks "angry pineapple trader" interaction

-2 Happiness

Unlocks "pineapple merchant" interaction

"An angry pineapple trader has denounced your rule! Shall we have her arrested?" -1 People -5 Happiness Triggered by banning pineapples. Unique
"Without any gold, we're a bit stuck. We could sell off some of our goods, but that might make people sad. Should we do it?" +250 Gold

-15 Happiness

Nothing Triggered by debt. Repeatable
"The guild of pinapple traders offer you a gift. Will you accept it?" +100 Gold Triggered by not banning pineapples.
"Some villagers are threatening to leave unless we pay them a sum of gold. Should we listen to their demands?" -50 Gold -6 People Repeatable
"Some refugees have arrived in town. Should we welcome them?" +15 People

+3 Happiness

-2 Happiness Repeatable
"A petition to bring the circus to town is circulating. Could attract tourists, are you interested?" +10 People

+10 Happiness

+100 Gold

Triggers multi-day circus event

-5 Happiness Repeatable
"The owners of the tavern are making piles of gold, and wish to share some with you! N/A N/A +15 Gold

Depends on allowing the Mason to build the tavern,


"There's been a brawl at the tavern. Should we arrest those responsible for starting it?" +1 Happiness -1 Happiness Depends on allowing the Mason to build the tavern,


"Our granary stock has been infected. It'll cost us to replace it, but if we don't people could get sick. Should we do it?" +1 Happiness

-70 Gold

-3 People

-1 Happiness

Depends on allowing the Mason to build the granary,


"The extra food we've been able to store in our granaries has attracted more settlers. Shall we let them in?" +5 People+1 Happiness -1 Happiness Depends on allowing the Mason to build the granary,


"The town wants to exile a notorious criminal."

"His crimes include theft, arson, and forgery. What do you say, shall we exile him?"

-50 Gold+3 Happiness -3 Happiness
"I noticed that this wizard is bothering you."

"Should we banish the wizard?"

-1 People Appears when saying "No" to the wizard too often.
"Since we opened our borders, trade from our caravans has increased dramatically. Do you wish to tax the merchants?" +100 Gold-2 Happiness +6 Happiness
"Shall we devote more gold to the hiring of tour guides?" -70 Gold

+3 Happiness

Nothing? Appears when city population is high?
"Our road network is expanding and is in need of maintenance. Is there room in the budget?" -100 Gold
Appears when city population is high?
"I've collected some incomes from the circus. Would you like me to tax them?" +100 Gold

-3 Happiness

Appears when saying yes to circus event