Monsieur Mouton is a barber serving your court. Mouton is French for sheep. Is the trim on his clothes really "trim", or is it his wool poking out from under his clothes?


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Allo, sir! Are you looking for experienced barbers in your court?" +1 People

Unlocks future interactions.

Nothing This is always the first interaction with this character.


"Demands for my services are through the roof! May I have your permission to raise my prices?" +3 Happiness,

+50 Gold

-1 Happiness Repeatable
"It is nice to see you, sir. Do you like my new haircut?" +7 Happiness Repeatable
"Citizens from far and wide come to visit my barber shop! Would you like a fresh cut, sir? Free of charge!" +3 Happiness +3 Happiness Repeatable