Molder is a sentient blob of sludge who acts as a detective, alongside his partner Skelly.

Appearance Edit

Molder is a blob of purple-magenta slime in an irregular form. He has 2 wide eyes, always looking grumpy, with bags under them.

Role Edit

Molder works as a detective, alongside his partner Skelly. Together they investigate and search for Alien. Molder may show up asking you if you would like to hire him to uncover mysteries.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Name's Molder. If you want to know the truth about... everything... you're gonna want to hire me." -10 Gold. Returns later with a random RESULT interaction. Can trigger ALIEN to appear. Nothing Repeatable
RESULT: "I... couldn't uncover anything. I was being followed. Too risky. Did you see anyone follow me out of the castle?" Nothing Nothing Potential investigation result
RESULT: "You ready for the truth? Aliens have already landed, and they're in our city. You think we're safe?" +1 Happiness+7 People +7 People Potential investigation result
RESULT: "I'm ready to make my report. It seems the merchant's guild is being controlled by alien conspirators. How do I know this? Sometimes, you just know. You know?" +1 Happiness "Maybe one day you'll know" Potential investigation result
RESULT: "I'm back. I discovered an alien conspiracy to cover up large amounts of gold. Do you believe in aliens?" +50 Gold +50 Gold Potential investigation result


  • It appears that Skelly and Molder are references to Scully and Mulder from the X-files.