Miriam is a travelling woman who owns a pet owl named "Albert". She likes to tell stories, but will only stay in your kingdom for a short time.


Request Y Result N Result Notes

"Oho, what is this strange place I've found myself in? Albert, do you know where we are?"

"My oh my, hello you kingly person there! I do believe I am a bit lost. Might I stay in this town for a while?"

+1 People


No more Miriam interactions.

First interaction with Miriam.


"Hello again kingly person! Oho! Albert asked me to come here and tell a story with you." N/A N/A Initiates a series of choose-your-own STORY interactions.


STORY: “A yellow bird meets a green bird in the sky. Does the yellow bird soar higher than the green?” +20 Gold +5 Happiness Beginning of story


STORY: “High up in the sky, the yellow bird meets a bluebird. Does the yellow bird stop to sing with it?” +3 People, +10 Gold +5 People Result of Y in part 1, Unique
STORY: "Gliding on the breeze, the green bird soon meets a bluebird. Does it make time to stop and sing?" +3 Happiness

+3 People

+5 Happiness Result of N in part 1


"Oho! Good day, kingly person friend of mine. Albert wished for me to stop by and say hello." ... N/A N/A No effect


"Wonderful to see you again, kingly person. Although, I am a bit sad. Albert and I are going to be leaving." ...

"We'll be on our way tonight, but might we have your blessing before we go?"

-1 People

+10 Happiness

-1 People

-5 Happiness

Last interaction with Miriam