The Military General appears to be in charge of dealing with the kingdom's prisoners and army.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"We've captured some foes on the battle field. Shall we bring them home and put them to work?" +8 People


Allows PRISONER 3 Unique
PRISONER 3: "Shall we ransom the captured foes off for a bit of gold?" +100 GoldCitizens later have argument if it was a right decision. (Lose population or happiness) Allows PRISONER 4 Unique
PRISONER 4: "Might I put them in the dungeons then?" ? +5 People Unique
PRISONER 1: "One of our prisoners has escaped! May I have some gold to offer a reward for her recapture?" -50 Gold

+3 Happiness


-1 People Unique
PRISONER 2: "The escaped prisoner has been recaptured thanks to the bounty you offered." N/A N/A  ?


"A nearby town has asked us to form an alliance with them. Should we use them to beef up our ranks?" +15 People


Nothing. Unique
ALLIANCE 1: "The town we made an alliance with is in trouble! Should we send soldiers to assist them?" -10 People -5 Happiness Allows ALLIANCE 2 ?
ALLIANCE 2: "Our allies have denounced us for refusing to

aid them in battle.

We'll lose a bit of confidence from our
citizens due to this."

N/A N/A -10 Happiness
"The tribes from the South we gave weapons to, have taken arms against us."

"Might I request additional funds so that we are able to adequately combat them?"

-100 Gold

(maybe further combat?)

Triggered by giving weapons to the South by the Blacksmith.