The Mason is a small man who oversees construction in your kingdom. He really likes sandwiches and often borrows money from you to buy them. Has a terrible New Yorker accent.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"I wish to construct a tavern, but I'll need some gold from you to make it happen."

"I'm talking a considerable amount of gold, here. Like... a couple hundred, at least. What do you think?"

+3 Happiness,

-200 Gold

-1 Happiness Unlocks tavern-related interactions and events.

Unlocks all other Mason interactions?


"Could I trouble you for a sandwich? Surely the cost of one sandwich is nothing to a great king like you." +3 Happiness,

-3 Gold

-1 Happiness Repeatable
"Working conditions for us are unsafe! Will you please spend some gold on improving our ability to work?" +2 Happiness,

-40 Gold

-1 HappinessUnlocks INJURY Unique
INJURY: "A bunch of my workers got injured on the job! Will you pay them some gold as compensation?" -5 People

-3 Happiness

"I'd like to build a new granary. This could help expand our population, but it'll cost a bit!" +7 People-70 Gold Nothing Unique

Unlocks granary interaction with Royal Advisor

Should we sell off some of our construction supplies to get us out of debt? Possibly locks Mason interactions for a short time Appears when too low on money.
"Hey, uh... A very talkative... tree stump just came by to give me an earful"
"It was saying about not cutting down so many trees, I think."
"What's the deal? do I have to listen to that thing?"
-15 gold. Unique

Part of Stumpy event chain.

"...[smth about growth of town]..."

"For a daily allowance of 100 gold, my workers can begin the gruelling task of remodelling our town's central plaza."

"It will surely elevate our city to new heights, though it may take several days to complete. What do you think?"

-100 x ? Gold

+ ? Happiness

(triggers daily payment event)

(Took f.e. 4 days)
"An increase of our construction budget, say, by 500 gold, will allow us to build a great number of recreational facilities" +10 Happiness-500 Gold -1 Happiness