Madame Abeille is a member of your court. After she joins your court, she asks for an assistant and begins a business selling candies. She also begins to cause trouble for the player as she stays up all night eating candies, and needs gold to go to the doctor. The end result of her habit sometimes exceeds the amount of taxes you receive from her.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Bonjour! My name is Madame Abeille, and I've come to join your court. Will you have me?" +1 People. More interactions with Madame Abeille. -1 Happiness First interaction with Madame Abeille. Unique.
"Bonjour. I have returned to give you a chance to reconsider. Might I join your court? +1 People. More interactions with Madame Abeille. -1 Happiness
“My assistant and I have found a way to make some extra gold by trading sweets. Are you interested?” +150 Gold Unique.
"Bonjour! Proceeds from the candy trade have been rolling in steadily. Do you wish to collect your taxes?" +35 Gold Nothing Repeatable.
"I accidentally stayed up all night eating candies... Can I have some gold to go to the doctor?" -10 Gold -5 Happiness Repeatable.