Lil Fang is an unaligned vampire with magical abilities.

Appearance Edit

Lil Fang has short, dark purple hair that sticks out in the centre of his forehead. He has red eyes, fangs that sticks out from under his lip and pale skin. He sports two layers of a dark purple shirt and a light-colored bow tie. He wears a black pantalon and pink-purple boots.

Role Edit

Lil Fang often offers you to gaze into his magical vampire crystal. When you agree, you either gain gold and happiness, or people die and your happiness drops.

Abilities Edit

  • Levitation: When Lil Fang enters your throne room, he levitates about the height of two steps of the throne, above the ground.
  • Monetary manipulation: When you gaze into his magical vampire crystal and if you are lucky, you gain extra gold.
  • Happiness manipulation: When this happens, your people will become more happy, causing you to gain extra happiness. But when you are unlucky, the happiness will drop.
  • Death inducement: If you are unlucky, people in your kingdom will die when you gaze into the crystal.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hello friend. Care to gaze into my magical vampire crystal?" Random result:
  • +5 Happiness, +50 Gold
  • -15 People,
    -15 Happiness
  • +200 Gold
Nothing Repeatable
"I'm the Duke of Spook! Do you want a spooky nickname?" +1 Happiness -1 Happiness Repeatable
You feelin' spooky today? -1 People Nothing Repeatable