The Knight is a loyal servant of yours who goes on quests in the hope of finding something useful.

Role Edit

The Knight goes on quests that gain you coins and other things. If he returns with nothing, he will ask you if he should show himself to the dungeons. After the Dragon attacks and the Dragonblade is crafted, he proposes it to be him to slay the dragon.


If you gave him the dragonblade, he will return much later with the dragon's hoard of 500 gold and 25 happiness.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"My lord! I've come across a chest of gold in my adventures! Will you please accept this gift?" +100 Gold Nothing Repeatable

Usually appears when you are under 0 gold

"My lord! I wish to embark upon a treacherous quest!" Triggers random QUEST interaction Nothing Repeatable
QUEST: "I have returned from my quest! A great bounty of treasure is ours, my lord!" N/A N/A +250 Gold,


QUEST: "My lord, I have returned. I am ashamed to inform you that I return with nothing. Shall I show myself to the dungeons?" -1 People +1 Happiness Repeatable
"I saw a beautiful silver gauntlet in the blacksmith's today. May I have funds to purchase it?" +3 Happiness,

-50 Gold

-1 Happiness Unique