Georgie is a demon that likes to make deals. He does not care whether the deal is good or evil, he just likes making them. He is one of the people who can cure Chester from his curse.

Georgie when dressed up as an angel.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hey, now here's a deal for you pal! Give me some of your people's happiness, I'll hook you up with some gold. Sound good?" +250 Gold, -35 Happiness Nothing Repeatable
"Hey bud, care to flip a coin with me? Heads, I give you a buncha gold. Tails, I take a bunch of yer people's souls." Random result:

  • +300 Gold
  • -15 People,
    -10 Happiness
Nothing Repeatable.
"Hey pal. You've been a real great sport, so I wanted to give you this. No strings attached. Really." N/A N/A +25 Gold. No choice

More likely if you've answered Y to other requests from Georgie

"Hey, uh... good friend! I thought you might be interested in makin' a deal... a good wholesome friendly deal!"

"How about this... A few hundred gold from you, and I'll make sure your citizens are happy!"

+25 Happiness

-300 Gold

Nothing Georgie is dressed as an angel for this interaction.

More likely if you've answered N to other requests from Georgie.

during this, his name appears with a "?" at

the end.

"Hey there bud. I was thinkin' maybe you'd be interested in somethin' a little... bigger." ...

"I gotta do it tonight. Moon's special right now. One chance only. Whaddaya say?

-100 People

+2000 Gold

Nothing Unique?
“You interested in makin’ a deal, bub? Your people’s souls in exchange for my gold. How bout it?” +200 Gold, -15 People, -10 Happiness Repeatable
"Not gold, no. Nothing today, in fact. But there is a cost... Probably. So how about it? Want me to help your friend?" Breaks Chester's curse.
Leads to a later happiness-reducing event
"Hehe... Seems you need some gold. I could give you some in exchange for... a few souls, maybe? How bout it?" +400 Gold

-20 People

-10 Happiness

Happens when you have negative gold