The Gardener will start a garden to grow you plants. She will sell them to you for an "extra low price".


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Plants are interesting, don't you think? I would like to open a garden, may I have some workers to help me?" -3 People

Unlocks future interactions

-1 Happiness

No more Gardener

First interaction with the Gardener.


"We've completed work on the garden. Are you pleased?" +3 People

+5 Happiness

Depends on approving the garden.


"Some nasty bugs have made a home out of our garden! Can we have some gold to hire an exterminator?" +3 Happiness

-25 Gold

-6 Happiness Repeatable
"Would you like to buy some flowers from our garden? They're a special low price for you, sir/madam!" +7 Happiness -5 Gold -2 Happiness Repeatable
Some plant people have sprouted in the gardens. Are we allowed to make them official citizens? +5 People
"The plant People citizens have taken root and grown into a lovely field of flowers. Can you hear them rejoicing? +15 Happiness