The Butler is your trusty servant, always delivering your tea and telling you of suspicious looking people. He still likes to party though and will occasionally offer you "the good stuff."


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Ahem. Might I get a cup of tea for you, my liege?" -3 Gold,

+3 Happiness

Nothing Repeatable until you get the "good stuff".
"You've been drinking quite a bit of tea, sir. Might I upgrade you to... the good stuff? +3 Happiness,

Enables repeatable "good stuff"

Nothing Repeatable until Y
"Another cup of tea, my liege? I've got more of that good stuff you like..." +3 Happiness

-10 Gold

Nothing Repeatable after you get the "good stuff"
"There's a party I'd like to go to this evening, my liege/lady. Might I have the rest of the day off?" +3 Happiness -3 Happiness Repeatable
"My liege, there is a man in the foyer asking to join your guard. He's got an eyepatch, looks a little shifty."

"What do you think, should we take a chance on this stranger?"

+1 People -1 Happiness Unique
"That man you hired earlier has gone missing, sire. Shall we send a search party?" -1 People

-10 Gold

-1 People Depends on hiring the eyepatch man.


"Our search party has turned up the missing man, sire - and nine of his new friends!" N/A N/A +10 People

Depends on searching for the missing man.