Boots is a cute little cat. He loves belly scratches.

Role Edit

When he first visits you, he comes to be pat on the belly or he wants some food. Later when Yarno becomes a problem, Boots is the one who can capture him.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Mrow." (Can I have some food?) +1 Happiness
-2 Gold
-1 Happiness
+2 Gold
"Meeeow." (Looks like he wants somebody to pat his belly...) +1 Happiness -1 Happiness Repeatable
Mrow! (Is this cat trying to tell me something? It seems like it wants to help...) Mrrroooowww! (Yarno? Is he talking about Yarno? Maybe this cat could help find Yarno...) MROW! (That must be it! I'll need to provide plenty, of course, but surely it would be worth the cost...) Mrooow? Well, should I hire this cat to find Yarno? -100 Gold Appears after Button Boy arrives.