The Blacksmith is the forger of the weapons of your army, as well as the forger of the Dragonblade.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"I'm a blacksmith and I'd like to set up a shop here. I can pay my own way, I just need your permission. What do you say?" +3 People,

+2 Happiness,

Unlocks other interactions.

No more blacksmith?? First interaction with blacksmith. Unique
"Would you like to purchase any swords for your guards? A well protected city is a happy city!" +10 Happiness,-20 Gold Nothing Repeatable
"My sales have brought in record profits, and I'd like to give you something as thanks. Will you accept my gift?" +40 Gold Nothing Repeatable
"Sir, I heard about the dragon attack you were made to endure. I've come up with an idea to strike back." ...

"I'll need to track down the finest metals, but they're quite costly. Might I have a few hundred gold to begin my search?"

-300 GoldEventually returns with sword Occurs after the Dragon attacks


"Sir, about the Dragonblade... Yes, that's what I'm calling the sword now." ...

"I've purchased some top quality metals, but I'll need workers to help me do the crafting. Can you spare a few men?"

-5 People Occurs after you've paid for the sword materials


"It's finally done! I've finished crafting the Dragonblade! All we need now is somebody to wield it."


N/A N/A Leaves Dragonblade

Occurs after you've given workers for the sword.


"Sir, a people from the South have been asking for weapons."

"Do I have your permission to supply them? I'll need some extra gold to help fill the order."

-100 Gold (triggers war and event with the Military General) +1 Happiness