Advisor Pontus is the representative of the Ocean Kingdom in the Council of Crowns and the advisor of Queen Cerith.

Role Edit

When he first arrives, he explains that the dispute between Queen Cerith and Queen Chanterelle is about a plot of marshland, Cerith claims it is hers because it contains water, but Chanterelle ignores it and claims it for herself.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Pontus' is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek word πόντος (póntos), which meant sea.
    • In later uses of the word, it was usually used to refer to the Mediterranean Sea.
      • The Romans borrowed the word and used it to refer to the Black Sea.
        • For this reason, a region on the southeastern shores of the Black Sea was also named Pontuys.
    • Due to the Greeks naming their deities after the things they were responsible for, Pontos/Pontus is also the name of the primordial sea deity.
      • Pontos was the grandfather of numerous sea monsters via his children Phorcys and Ceto